We are a small but perfectly formed startup based in Philadelphia and our mission is simple:  empower alternative brands to be discovered. We are design enthusiasts who believe in the fashion underground: people can’t shop brands they can’t find. We make it simple for you to explore hard to find brands and share their stories on our discovery marketplace.




Colabination is built on a firm belief that impacts everything we do: Collaboration in all ways, always.

We envision brands partnering with other brands to help grow market share and increase new businesses collectively. Collaboration is a technique that gives small businesses an EDGE to compete in a global marketplace, dominated by multi-million dollar marketing budgets and the unfair advantages of big businesses. We exist to level the playing field by breaking down barriers of competition, and thinking rather to the future of collaboration.




Currently exhibiting over 150 brands and counting, we’ve created a global fashion network designed to empower small, local, makers & doers. And now, we want to give customers a voice in accepting what brands enter our marketplace. Through a bi-weekly voting system, our customer submitted brands will be voted upon to earn a spot in our marketplace, and only the top three brands will be chosen. Our objective is to partner with fashion content sites for guaranteed publication of feature articles on our brands once a month for a three month term. Not only will the top three brands earn a spot on our site, but also receive an exclusive behind the design story about the brand.