Blog Ambassador Incentive Guide

Ready to earn rewards for doing what you love? We’re happy to make it happen! We’ve built this reward program as a means to say thank you for your dedication to this movement. Thank you for shedding light on creatives in your community, uncovering some truly inspiring designers and of course, helping share Colabination with like-minded individuals across the world.


1. How does it all work?

It’s pretty simple. You complete tasks, you earn points. Your points can be traded in for rewards, like a featured slot on the blog or 25% off your next purchase. Currently, there is no limit to how many points you can earn, however they must all be claimed by the end of each season. At this time, your earned points will begin accumulating again from 0.

Spring: March 1 - May 30

Summer: June 1 - August 30

Fall: September 1 - November 31

Winter: December 1 - February 29

Below you’ll find all the details you need to start turning your hard work into much deserved discounts and prizes. Read on, and if you still have questions or suggestions, please send them to


2. How to Earn Points 

Submit an article on time: You are required to submit a minimum of two articles per month, however if you go above and beyond, each timely submission will earn you points. 

10 pts

Include backlinks in your personal blog to a page on Colabination’s site. If you’re an active blogger aside from the work you do here, mention & link to Colabination or one of our designers in an article & receive points for your efforts.

15 pts

Click-based points: We will convert every article we publish, and every article you get republished, into a trackable link for you to share. Do a great job promoting it to boost your points. Here’s some great tips on how to promote your article.

75 clicks - 30 pts

100 clicks - 50 pts

150 clicks - 80 pts

300+ clicks - 175 pts

Make an introduction that leads to a designer joining Colabination: You interviewed a designer that you think would be a great match for our community. Use the email template provided in the Blog Guide to make an introduction to us. Get points when they join the site.

60 pts

Get a blog article re-published. Use the resources provided in the Blog Guide to build connections with your press contacts to further distribute your content and grow your network. Send us your published article to claim your points. 

80 pts


3. Rewards

100 points = 15% off

150 pts = $15 off $75 or more

200 pts = $10 off $50 or more

250 pts = 20% off

300 pts = Featured blog of the week

350 pts = 25% off

400 pts = Featured blog in weekly shopper email

450 pts = Featured Blogger on Team Page linking to personal interview

500 pts = 30% off OR 1-on-1 call with Colabination's Founders (Get advice, ask questions etc...)


4. How to Track Your Points This is where all of your published articles clicks will be tracked. Keep an eye on your progress and competition! 


Username: ColabinationBlogAmbassador


Monthly Update email: On the 1st of each month the entire Blog Ambassador team will receive an email summarizing last month’s progress. This email will include a link to the dashboard outlining the points everyone has earned during that month.


5. How to Claim Your Rewards

Simply submit a Rewards Claim form below and we’ll shoot you back either your unique reward code or next steps! Remember all points expire at the end of each season.