This all started because as I was holding my iPad. Not only have I not read my favorite magazines, I don't even have them downloaded. Ugh. 


I love my iPad. It’s light, it’s powerful and it does almost everything. And for someone who loves reading on paper (and have refused to immerse myself in to the world of digital reading for the longest time) I found it easy to adapt, especially for fashion magazines. The spreads are amazing.

Listen, I enjoy reading them in print. The September Issues are always an “event” for me. However, they're so bulky and forget traveling with them. 


When Conde Nast made an App available for almost every single magazine in their catalogue, I couldn’t help but leap out of orbit (and yell I LOVE TECHNOLOGY) because my prayers were answered! Finally… September Issues in digital format. The best part about it, they’re highly interactive! Videos, moving advertisements (props Mercedes Benz), and the ease of flipping the pages with the swipe of your finger. Fun!

As I was going through websites, I came across this YouTube video that apparently went viral. The video features a one-year-old girl swiping her fingers on the iPad display. Her excitement, captured in a moment as the display responds to her unguided hands. In the following scene, beside her are printed magazines. She tries to do the gestures that she’s accustomed to with an iPad (like pinch to zoom and swiping) as she wonders why these pages won't respond. Towards the end, she got tired of playing with the printed pages and points to the iPad. On the last frame of the video, these words appear (verbatim), “ for my 1 year old daughter, a magazine is an iPad that does not work. It will remain so for her whole life. Steve Jobs has coded a part of her OS.”


After watching the video, all I can say was… “HOLD PLEASE.” As someone who works for a technology company, I have my thoughts and opinions. But I would like to hear yours.

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