It is breaking the barrier we unknowingly and unintentionally built ourselves.

First, let's agree on one thing: social media has taken the world by storm in a way none of us could have predicted.

Not to mention, we welcomed it with open arms and embraced it. Now, it continues to evolve before our very eyes. However, between our loving embrace of Twitter, Facebook, and everything in between, we can't help but notice the giant dent left in their wake. The dent on our day-to-day social skills. 

If one technology aims to aid in connecting people(as a popular slogan once used by Nokia), why do we see old forms of communication falter and fade? 

 Chris Coleman and Calvin Knight of Savy Swap deserve applause as they look to social media to re-engage people with the timeless skill of bartering. Savy Swap aims to revamp the online bartering experience by allowing people all over to connect with trusted traders and exchange valuable goods. Its taking it old school,as Chris would say. Savy Swap creates a fun and interactive way to allow people to buy better and sell smarter with communication at its core. 

Weve all heard horror stories about trading online from different platforms. The craigslist creeps, the phantom Ebay sellers. The objective of Savy Swap is to bring back the ease, comfortability and trust of trading with technology. 

It hopes to break down the taboo wall and get people trading again. This little startup is heading in the right direction. It's landing page just went live, and it's going to hit the spot.   



Plus, who could say no to that little guy in the logo.