Are you a college student that is in need of an internship this coming semester? Does the idea of working behind a desk at a major corporation sound... boring? Don’t fret, and stop scratching your head. Get ready to discover a whole new world and gain a healthy familiarity with the wild world of start-ups. 

Hold up. Hear me out. In a start-up company: You will get more practical application and more value than most of the courses you are currently paying to take. Plus, you'll be valued. At a startup, everything you do matters. You'll be part of a hard working team that is passionate about what they do every waking hour of the day (and night). Entrepreneurs are a rare breed that love spending time inside their “labs” (read as office, in start-up talk). 

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So, if your idea of an internship is to spend hours after class making copies and running coffee for an 'A' and a half-hearted employer recommendation, then maybe you should skip the whole "start-up idea." But if you know you have what it takes to build a product, hustle and bustle, or just make a difference in the world, then it's time you start applying to start-up in your city. Go ahead and click on this video. Time to get inspired.


Still not sold? David Thieien of the Huffington Post, Founder of Winward Studios, wrote an amazing article about “What Should You Look for in an Internship at a Startup


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