I left my mind and my heart on the dance floor” is perfectly transposed to cloth in Yoghurt Warrior Clothing collections.

Founded in 2009, Jimmy Herrtage (DJ Shark Bait) started the brand from scratch while studying Illustration at an art college in the UK. Driven by what he learned outside the classroom, Jimmy decided to combine his passion for design and electronic music by creating shirts that would clothe the underground ravers of the ever evolving dance music scene.” 

Based in the large coastal resort town, Bournemouth, Yoghurt Warrior Clothing produces a wide range of street-wear apparel (unisex tees, sweatshirts, leggings and hats). His new line of leggings hit the web today, run over to Yoghurt Warriors Online Shop and check out what's in store. Enjoy the rave mantras, aztec symbols and animal prints, laid down with precision on every design. Each piece echoes the brand's feel-good vibes and evangelical spread of underground gospel. 

Jimmy moved to London, and Yoghurt Warrior grew. It quickly became popular with DJs and live acts like Annie Mac, Redlight and DJ Fresh (to name a few). Recently, he designed a line of shirts for the 2013 Gottwood Festival (an electronic music and arts festival), the project vividly reflects its tribal, Aztec and Navajo inspiration.

Yoghurt Warrior continues to cement its association with youth culture and the underground nightlife. We find this fitting for the new face of the underground.” 

Here's a little teaser of what's in store

So throw on some Yoghurt Warrior originals on SoundCloud, head over to their Look Books, and enjoy! 

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