No one title can define him.


He calls himself the Renaissance Man. At a very young age, Mr. Curran J embraced the fashion world. He learned its history, drew inspiration from magazines and observed the people around him. 

Growing up, Curran's mother urged him to have his own sense of individuality and abstain from wearing what was “in” at the time. When everyone else was wearing plain white shirts and bubble jackets, Curran stood out from the crowd. If you saw him today, not much has changed. 

Curran found his calling working for his father, the owner of Miskeen Clothing for twenty years. Working at his father’s store signified the “turning point” in his life which brought him under the spotlight. 

Founded and based out of Philadelphia, PA in 2010, Kings Rule Together started with a simple concept: brotherhood and collaboration. It defines a “king” (or a queen for that matter) not in the typical egotistical and autonomous sense, but rather as someone that works with a team by uplifting and inspiring. A king or queen believes there is power in unity. Kings Rule Together is a lifestyle brand that distinguishes itself proudly above negativity. It endeavors to promote positivity through fashion.  

The collection features timeless pieces that live on as it champions its powerful message, “to have high standards for one’s self, have respect for others, and the understanding that we are all Kings and Queens.” If Kings could rule together, imagine the impact they would leave on those around them. 

Outside the Kings realm, Kings Rule Together has grabbed the attention of celebrities like Jaden Smith, Lebron James and Terrance J from 106 & Park with Curran's powerful message. He's even reached the pages of Philadelphia Magazine, GQ and Complex Magazine. It looks like this King is going to go on and inspire.

At CoLabination, we picked a few of our favorites

Photo Credit: Kings Rule Together Original Photography

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