Imagine… A time warp to a place where pavements echo the runway excitement, where neon rules the streets, and Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar and Ziggy Stardust are Fashion Gods.

Designer, Leah D.

Designer, Leah D.

This is Pretty Pretty Rebel. Created in 2010 by Leah Delfiner, an Art Institute of Philadelphia alumna, the brand aims to paint the fashion industry pink. Known as a show stopping designer, Leah D draws her inspiration from 80’s punk rock music, cult icons, crazy patterns and colors galore. She combines all of these elements and creates an ensemble focused on her personal mantra: “just have fun.” When her clothes are in the spotlight, they sparkle. She fixates on her high spirit and charisma in every design. Pretty Pretty Rebel's show leaves a bright impression with her black & pink designs. Her models normally dance on the runway in bright colors and bold print, but what else would you expect from the anti-princess of Fashion? 

In five years, she envisions herself and her Pretty Pretty Rebels as the next Betsey Johnson (where she interned after graduation), but with her own fresh twist on the fashion icon. The future of Leah's brand is definitely bright. She is currently working on numerous projects ranging from her newest collection, to a t-shirt line and children's-wear collection.  

No question that Pretty Pretty Rebel has certainly brought back the energy of jumping on our beds as the speakers blast “They just wanna… they just wanna… They just wanna have fun..."