Sometimes, it just needs an extra push to make that first step. 


Summer of 2011, an aspiring filmmaker drove from Seattle to New York City with one mission in mind — to start the journey in making his dreams come true. The first stop, a promising curriculum for filmmaking at New York University. But, the two painful days in a U-Haul were only the beginning of a much longer journey. The university lost his paper work and the apartment deal fell through. Homeless and lost in New York.


This journey was not off to a good start. The only option was to bunk with his cousin in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Surprisingly, in one short day, things were looking bright again. He found a place to live, became a student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and began his career in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. However, not until his Introduction to Design class would the gears start turning.

His professor, Mr. Callhougn, inspired him to pan his camera to the right. Soon, the desire to create and design, “to take images and remix them, making them [his] own,” allowed him to find his voice.

And the rest, as they say, is history. 

This is the story of Mark Illadell and his clothing brand, Illadell (ill-ah-dell).


Like any other clothing brand, it went through its ups and downs and in January of 2013, Mark decided to redesign and introduce it’s latest logo, the “Ill Pill” design as he was learning to screen print and burn screens through his apprenticeship at a local printing shop. 

Illadell is a local brand that constantly evolves and narrates stories & lessons learned as it moves from one journey to another using clothing as a medium along the way.

I guess it’s true, everything happens for a reason.

Here are some Colabination picks.

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