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Dressing as an art form is part of their DNA. 

Designers - Melissa Choi and Pia Panaligan

Designers - Melissa Choi and Pia Panaligan

As the threads form while sounds from sewing machines filled the lab, a partnership was formed. Designers Melissa Choi and Pia Panaligan met in Fashion Illustration class at Philadelphia University in 2004. As Fashion Design majors, they have dreamt of someday have a clothing line together. One that has a free spirited woman at its core. After years of gathering experience as stylists and designers here in the US and in India, they knew it was time to fuse two creative minds.

While Melissa was in India designing for UO Inc., Pia, who was working as a freelance stylist for a few big named clothing brands, discussed starting a line together. They sent pictures and textile samples back and forth. Constant communication was keen to make the vision come to life. After three months of hard work and dedication, twelve individually handcrafted, Indian textile inspired pieces of Senpai + Kohai sashayed just in time for the holiday of 2012.

Their first collection allowed them to earn a spot at the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator program. Together, Melissa and Pia aims to learn how to formulate a successful brand.

Senpai + Kohai (pronounced as: sen-pie and koh-hai, refers to a Japanese term that addresses the relationship between a mentor and their apprentice) aims to deliver innovative, timeless clothing to compliment the modern woman, focusing on textiles, fit, quality and design. 


With two very passionate and very creative minds, it will be exciting to witness how Senpai + Kohai evolves. Like a Lotus rising.

Support the Alzheimer Association with them this Sunday, March 30 at Wine, Women & Shoes in Wayne, PA. Find more details on the event

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