I can’t blame Maria Von Trapp.

Courtesy of: Rogers & Hammerstein 

Courtesy of: Rogers & Hammerstein 

Here’s why — whenever I feel sad, lonely, depressed, or simply just not myself, I play The Sound of Music (yes, preferably, the Julie Andrews recording). It never fails to cheer me up! Then… I hear the words, “… when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel, so bad.” But the problem is I just don't remember my favorite things, instead I BUY new ones.


A practice so common,  that it has been dubbed “retail therapy.” According to a study (done with 33 volunteers) published in 2008 by the Psychological Science, sadness leads to self-centered thinking. It can then lead into the likelihood of spending on something to make one feel better.

I love shopping. But last year, it was on a higher level. I turned to shopping to overcome extreme sadness. It wasn’t until I got a chance to sit down and look closely at my closet and shoe rack that I realized I went crazy. My sadness became my constant reason to take that card out of my wallet, hand it to the cashier and have it swiped.


I wondered if other people do the same. So, I asked my friends and colleagues if they partake in retail therapy. The answer is yes, and we all have the same reason for doing it; It just makes you feel good! The shopping experience allows us to get our minds off our troubles and feel better about ourselves when pants fit perfectly, shirts compliment our body well and of course, the smell of a new pair of shoes. For me, when I have the bag (or bags) on my hand, my face displays a reaction of genuine happiness.

I am not saying that retail therapy is bad. PUH-LEESE, of course not. It is your money, you work hard for it, and if you want something to make you feel better, go ahead. However, I do encourage you to not allow feelings to overrule the mind. Proceed with caution.

An empty wallet is NEVER good. Unless you're satisfied with just remembering “brown paper packages tied up with string.” Because let me tell you, it feels a lot better when you hold one.


Any retail therapy stories? What is the best thing you’ve bought because of it? WE WANT TO SEE AND HEAR IT! Comment or attach a photo on this article below or tweet us @Colabination.


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