Upon first glance you are love struck. You walk over in hopes of being introduced, but those hearts in your eyes dissipate at the sight of the number of zeros trailing the dollar sign. 

Yes, we are talking that awful nightmare of an experience when you have found the to-die-for bag, sure to be the hottest of the season, but it is beyond your financial reach—a girl needs to save some funds for shoes too!

Erin Dana has merged the two desires of affordability and fashionability to create a classic bag with an edge. Erin Dana founded in 2013 is based in New York with 65 locations around the globe. According to Dana, her label is all over the nation, taking on the world. 



Presently, Dana specializes in handbags: cross-body and two pouch belt bags. Dana will soon introduce leather jackets and different style bags; mini backpacks and even a baby bag are coming soon.

With a background in architecture, Dana says she looks at handbags as more than just a cute accessory in a fun color. Dana said she critically composes each and every last detail of her creations with a focus on quality and detail. 

From choosing the right leather to critically crafted chain straps, sealed with accented turn locks, Erin Dana bags advocate that women don’t have to spend a fortune to get what they want. And that is where Erin Dana’s positive presence lies in the industry of high fashion for high prices: women should be able to look beautiful, classy, and edgy with products of great quality and still have money to put in the bag! 

With Erin Dana, you’ll never experience that heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, disappointment arousing sensation again at the touch of a price tag.