Photo by THOR

Photo by THOR

You love your brainchild. Youve been there since its conception, when the very first light bulb popped up in that creative brain of yours stating that this was the plaid blazer that was going to change the world. For an artistic genius like yourself, that part was easy. The challenge is now to describe your little bundle of joy without coming off like an overly-caffeinated new parent with a wallet-full of snapshots. Here are a few tips: 

1. Find your voice. You wouldnt tell a five-year-old to eat his multi-grain pancakes with organic blueberries because of the antioxidants and nutritional benefits. Youd instead throw on a little whipped cream and shape them into a half-hearted breakfast version of Mickey Mouse. Do the same for your product whilst staying true to your brand. No one likes a phony especially the beautiful people who are brilliant enough to buy your paisley tube socks.

2. Think differently. Remember when you were desperately trying to fit in with your Lisa Frank folders and Tamagotchis? Contrary to the middle school survival method of camouflaging yourself to the masses with your fresh sneakers, brand names, and extensive Destiny Child lyric knowledge, this is your time to shine. Be the cool kid and tell me why I want to sprint to lunch to sit at your table. Why are you different? Do you have magic elves that knit your scarves from the warmest, most durable materials only found on the planet Jupiter? Well, tell me more.

3. Be descriptive. This is your lifes blood. Know your child. I should be able to pick your little Jimmy out of a police line-up, so get creative and start with my senses. Do his beautiful golden locks have a softness so surreal that even the finest Asian silk worms can only wiggle in envy? Yes? Go on and paint me a picture, Bob Ross.

4. Whatchu talkinbout Willis? While youre being expressive, dont get so caught up in the fancy jargon that I think Im actually purchasing an all-expenses paid ski trip to the Alps (good-looking course instructor included) rather than a rad pair of snow pants. Also, no tall tales. Your product is already awesome. Every good relationship is based on honesty, both the one with your mom and the one with your followers.  

5. Do your research. Learn a little about search engine optimization. Use keywords that will help your future adoring fans find you. There are a billion links on dog boots, if that gives you any insight on what youre up against. Add in descriptive words that would prove beneficial in searching for your brand. If you find that learning about SEO is a bit boring, just imagine how romantic it will be when your consumer and your product finally run into each others arms at the checkout line.

Now get writing, Oscar Wilde. 

Photo by Oleh Slobodeniuk

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