This week is all about giving, and we’re all in. 

We’re feeling extra grateful and extremely generous, so get ready to get spoiled. #DROPTHELABEL is this Saturday. SO WE’RE GIVING AWAY FREE GEAR UP UNTIL THEN. 


Here’s the all-star line up - 

We’ve got an Alysse Sterling clutch to store those mints just in time for mistletoe season. 

Over Winter? Even though it’s not yet winter? Us too. We’re California dreaming and an Oh So Cali freebie is just the cure. Sorry no sand included. 

Or maybe you’re missing the Jersey Shore. We can’t deliver the vitamin D, but we’ve got a KidRad shirt that might make you radiate.

C MPL T UNKN WN … want to buy a vowel? well, you don’t have to buy this. We’ve got you covered. 

Inspired by life, love, and the pursuit of happiness? Have you heard of Life Like Streetwear? Because we think we discovered your next designer romance. 


BUT FIRST, Like the start of any great romance, we’re going to play a little hard to get… so we’re laying out the ground rules. 

  1. You’ve got to like our page. Like begets Love … which in this case is inevitable. 
  2. Remember when the Spice Girls decided that if you want to be their lover, you gotta get with their friends? Sharing is caring. @mention 3+ friends in the photo caption

 Winners will be announced December 1st. May the odds be ever in your favor.