The notion of an “alter ego” has grown in recent years. Maybe the appeal is rooted in pop culture, with Eminem’s rebellious hip-hop character Slim Shady, or Beyonce’s queen-like equivalent, Sasha Fierce.

Or maybe the appeal comes from the desire to simply be stronger, more fabulous versions of ourselves. Hues of Ego helps shoppers give their alter egos a voice by offering powerful and professional designs that are never boring, sometimes monochromatic, and always chic.

The woman behind the label is Natasha Duran Lynch, who has channeled her love of all things design into the Hues of Ego brand. “I’ve always loved fashion,” she says. “I’m just really into art, into design, into creating things. That’s pretty much my passion.” After majoring in Architecture and Design at Arizona State University, Natasha began to pursue fashion at Collins College.

This was a good decision, indeed. While studying at Collins College in 2010, Natasha was chosen to show her designs at Scottsdale Fashion Week. The exposure and recognition continued year after year, with her designs receiving several honors in 2011, getting featured at Phoenix Fashion Week in 2012, and earning her a spot as a finalist in the 2013 Phoenix Fashion Week Little Black Dress Challenge.


Natasha’s pieces are understated enough to project the natural beauty of the wearer, and chic enough to elevate an outfit to high fashion status. Simple colors are the norm, with crisp white menswear-inspired pieces, pale pink dresses with elegant ruching, and voluminous jet black ball gowns. The use of classic colors helps increase the style longevity of Hues of Ego pieces, making them closet staples rather than passing trends.

What makes the Hues of Ego brand is unique is its architectural roots. Although the pieces are meant to empower the wearer by giving her a more sophisticated and chic look, it isn’t just about looking pretty. Natasha emphasizes the “form and function” of her pieces, a result of her interest and experience in architecture. This influence can be seen in the intricate details and strong structure of the clothing. “I build my designs around a story,” explains Natasha.

However, the emphasis on functionality and structure does not undermine the value of emotions and thoughts on which Hues of Ego is also established. Natasha’s design process involves a lot of thinking and internal reflecting. “If I get inspired, I’ll sit down… and draw, write down what I’m feeling, descriptive words of what I’m thinking about and design ideas,” she explains.

Not to mention the psychological shift experienced by the wearer. After all, the brand is intended to help customers become more emboldened versions of themselves. “Let that alter ego, that inner person, go when you have Hues of Ego on,” recommends Natasha. “It brings that out on you.”

So what’s next for a brand that emphasizes boldness and ambition? One objective on Natasha’s radar is to get to some more fashion shows to increase brand awareness and give her designs more exposure.

Also in the cards is a holiday collaboration with jewelry brand Possibility, leading to the creation of an exclusive piece to pair with Hues of Ego clothing. According to Natasha, the design will be perfect for winter celebrations, with the piece having a solid spot in one’s Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day outfits.

More importantly, Natasha intends to keep doing what she loves: designing. The drive and passion that Hues of Ego is intended to inspire in its customers can also be found in its designer:

You can do whatever you want to do. Just do it with passion and love, and go for it.
— Natasha Lynch

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By Libby Allnatt

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