Earlier this week, RAGs & Thread, a local Fairmount-based clothing company, hosted a Kickstarter campaign party for the launch of their custom denim line. Their goal was to raise $50,000 during the night, with offers of various levels of membership depending on the level of investment in the Kickstarter.

RAGs & Thread is a clothing line driven by the desire to create clothing that surpasses trends by being timeless. The company strives to accomplish this through combining artistry with fashion in all of its pieces. From what we’ve seen of their collection of eclectic graphic tees and a glimpse of one of their first pairs of custom-made jeans, we wish them all the best in raising the funds! 

Photo by: www.monaco-philadelphia.com

Photo by: www.monaco-philadelphia.com

The event was held at the Stratus Lounge—the lounge that sits at the top of the Hotel Monaco on the 11th floor. Ladies and gents, this hotel and lounge have some serious style. From the gorgeously detailed downstairs lobby of the hotel, to the upstairs lounge and modern paradisiacal outdoor area, there seems no better place to hold a swanky event. The lounge in particular is quite a chic affair with a decorative full bar and contemporary couches and coffee tables. The outdoor area has flames of fire stretching behind glass on its massive fireplace, tables to enjoy the sunset or night sky, and plants that create a truly serene atmosphere. 

Things kicked off at 6:30 p.m. and around 7:30, RAGs & Thread played a video discussing the line, the unique denim and the fundraising campaign. In the video, Ryan Gagliardi, the creative director of R & T, features local fashion bloggers such as Ian Michael Crumm, producer of the event and blogger behind ianmichaelcrumm.com, and Jessie Holeva, the women behind the fashion blog trendhungry.com. The two are also spokespeople and models for the line. Gagliardi was previously the Head Designer at Mitchell & Ness, manufacturer of licensed apparel. 

The company also placed a few racks of their print tees on display for attendees to view throughout the night. There was a special drink menu, delicious cocktails included, and hors d’oeuvres of various flatbreads passed around the crowd. Some in attendance included Jackie Rupp, publisher at Philly Current, David Shanks, a Philly/NYC musician, Kristin Detterline of Philly Style Magazine and a few local designers such as the man behind Walk on Socks, which creates smart sock designs for the dapper, classy fellow. The crowd was certainly a lively one, bringing together people from all different facets of the Philly fashion and cultural scene. 

As 8:30 hit, the crowd slowly disbanded, all wishing Gagliardi the best with his new line. The crowds slowly headed toward the elevators, not wanting to leave the posh event or the view from the Stratus rooftop. 

For more information on RAGs & Thread, visit: www.RagsandThread.com and support the Kickstarter campaign

For more photographs from the night, visit: www.Philly.com

Article by: Devon Darrow