A few days ago, we witnessed the stars walk down the red carpet as together we salute the greatest performances captured for this year’s Oscars.

And for me, the night starts early. I need to be in front of my television for the Red Carpet Live. In the hour and a half coverage… All I can think about was…

Jared Leto accepting his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor

Jared Leto accepting his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor

I NEED a bow tie like Jared’s.

Of course, just like his, mine needed to echo the same exact effect. It needs to be a statement! Then I remembered, my friend and colleague’s Alexis and Scott told me about Robinson & Dapper. 


Founded by Sarah Robinson, Robinson & Dapper is a brand based in Denmark which creates and sells stunning handmade bow ties, pocket squares and neck ties all made with 100% Scottish Wool. Robinson & Dapper meticulously chose each supplier for their specialty. May it be lambswool, tweed or twill, one is ensured a high quality piece that parallels Ms. Robinson’s passion... That is to transform wool fabrics she grew up with into a statement piece that the fashion industry will celebrate and cheer for.

Their collection consist of very traditional and stylish pieces of timeless elegance. In a variety of colors and patterns, woven to its perfection, ready to accentuate a character of any gentleman or even a lady in a formal or casual event.


I got so lost shopping on their website especially, when I found a burgundy bow tie similar to Jared’s! Then it occurred to me… I DON’T KNOW HOW TO TIE A BOW TIE.

...Let me get on that while I wait for my order to arrive.

Check out Robinson & Dapper's exquisite designs.... But be careful, you just might get lost!