I’ll admit. I don’t look good with facial hair.

Harsh fact, but the truth. I thankfully don’t need a full blown shaver because I’m not “blessed” with a heavy set of facial hair to rock the scruffy look. So, as any normal human being would, I invested in a really good razor (and obviously, I had to get the one that is colored Gold). And let me tell you, they are not cheap. Not only that, those blades don’t last long. A month into it, I’m already inside a grocery looking for a refill, and they are pricey! It's making me hate shaving even more (Guys, you hear me)! I had no other choice (the other choice is to have all this hair laser treated), I had to get them. Or so I thought…

Enter Harry’s.

Photo credit: Chino Hernandez

Photo credit: Chino Hernandez

Founders: Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider

Founders: Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider

I discovered Harry’s as I was reading my News Feed on Facebook. It was love at first sight (which I’ll explain later). Founded by Andy Katz-Mayfiled and Jeff Raider (yes, co-founder of Warby Parker) to express their passion for simple design and appreciation for things that are well-made with the belief that “companies should try to make the world a better place.” And let me tell you, they succeeded.

By buying the blade factory in Germany, it allowed them to control the entire process of assembling the finest razors I’ve ever owned. The handles were designed in New York City. The simplicity and the gorgeousness left me speechless when I finally held one. It feels like it's customized for me: “The aim is to create a razor that doesn’t dictate style, but complements your own.” They were not lying when they say that it becomes an extension of your hand (I bought The Truman, in Olive — green being my favorite color). 

Now, another amazing thing that they do? They give 1% of their sales and 1% of their time to various organizations that prepare people for personal and professional success. Their current “Give a Shave” partner is City Year.

There are three different kinds of handles, The Truman ($10), The Winston ($20) and The Engraved Winston ($35 — my next purchase). Each handle comes with their signature blades. it also comes in sets. You can order them on their website or visit them at their Corner Shop (which, P.S. is FABULOUS) located at 64 MacDougal Street in New York City.

I guess I can use my Laser Hair Removal funds for something else… SHOES!