To some, magazines are not enough. Count me as one of them.

It’s no secret that I love dressing myself and I love blogging about it. I’ve always seen it as an extension of myself and as a form of appreciation for the artists that created these designs. It’s my love letter to fashion. Of course, to keep things fresh, I need to get inspired.

Well, luckily, I’m not the only one who loves blogging about style. Here are some of the Male Fashion Bloggers the I follow and get inspiration from.

Adam Gallagher - I first saw him at in 2009. Since then, I never stopped following him. I admire his way of mixing patterns and colors, making regular t-shirts look very “dressy” when combined with the right blazer or pants. 

Marcel Floruss - While browsing through for outfits to wear for Lady Gaga’s artRave, I found Mr. Floruss. And I got lost as I admired his style. Just what I love… DAPPER! He knows how to pick his patterns and really has an eye on mixing colors in one outfit. Plus… I give him applause for those stunningly framed photographs (who ever takes them… PROPS). 

Andreas Wijik - A model and a singer from Sweden, known from his looks that were posted from Now, talk about dressing like a rock star, this guy is “it!” Also, his covers on his YouTube page? SO MAJE! 

Hope this helps you get inspired to dress up and present yourself properly on a daily basis. Reading these blogs allows me to make it possible, and be fierce! #FierceFrame