As a 22-year-old female, I often times find myself indulging in unjustifiable impulse purchases that break my bank for quite an extended period of time. While in the moment, these purchases were necessary (obviously), it seems less necessary two weeks later when my debit account is mysteriously overdrawn. With that said, I've learned to pinch pennies when and where I can. For the sake of fashion, we know that we all have our splurge moments, however, as of recent, I have begun to really take advantage of thrifting.

Within the past three years or so, thrifting has become a fairly trendy way of shopping. While the idea of gently used clothing items is off-putting to some, there is something exciting and brag-worthy about coming across a "really great find". Getting lost in a thrift store for hours is to be expected, as each piece of clothing is different (literally). Because commercial stores mass produce their products and sell them worldwide, there is a very good chance that the top you bought at Urban Outfitters last week is also being sported by millions of other individuals. While the merchandise in thrift stores could have very well been mass-produced at one point or another, the likelihood of finding a duplicate is slim. 

Below you will find a few of my favorite thrift stores in LA in varying neighborhoods. Throw on this inspirational jam, and find out if there is a great thrift store near you! 

Jet Rag: 825 N. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA

Jet Rag is hands down one of my favorite thrift stores in L.A. Just outside of West Hollywood, Jet Rag offers a very eclectic selection of merchandise. Ranging from contemporary to vintage, Jet Rag is fairly priced and offers a huge selection. Jet Rag is most notoriously known for their Sunday $1 dollar sale. Every Sunday, the parking lot of Jet Rag turns into a vintage-lover's blood bath. Piles of clothes are quite literally thrown into rows and the digging begins. The $1 sale can be hit or miss depending on the time you arrive. My suggestion would be to arrive earlier than later so as to snatch the good finds before they are gone. I have attended several times, all different times of day, and have always walked away with satisfying items. 

Buffallo Exchange: 2449 Main St. Santa Monica, CA

Including Buffalo Exchange in this post was a more difficult decision than you would expect. Because Buffalo Exchange is a chain, you're probably thinking that this is a no brainer recommendation.  However, I have seen my fair share of Buffalo Exchanges and I am never more satisfied or impressed when it comes to comparing to their Main St. location in Santa Monica. Buffalo Exchange offers a really great exchange system in which you are able to sell your clothes to the store for a percentage or you have the option of receiving store credit in exchange for your clothing donations. I have sold clothes and gone for store credit and both options are very fair. These options are great if you're looking to get rid of some closet clutter while making a few bucks in the process. If you do in fact choose to use the credit, you are guaranteed to walk away with twice the amount of merchandise you came in with. I scan my closet regularly to find items that I could do without for the sole purpose of replacing them in double from Buffalo Exchange. 

Venice Vintage Paradise: 2304 Abbott Kinney Blvd. 

Venice Vintage Paradise is a bit of a digression from the aforementioned thrift stores. Because VVP is a vintage store, you can expect to be paying a bit more for items. VVP is situated on Abbott Kinney away from the commotion of the rest of the street. This store boasts impressive and interesting home decor along with some incredible vintage clothing pieces. Walking into VVP is reminiscent of a playing dress-up as a child because of the almost costume-y nature of the vintage pieces. Because vintage has made such a comeback, most of the styles that they are selling are very wearable if styled correctly. This store could challenge the everyday commercial shopper, however, vintage experts can have a lot of fun here! 




Happy thrifting, everyone! 




Post by: Avery Ciarrocchi