Today's street style post is coming from my college campus: Loyola Marymount University. As many students were very busy on their way to class (HA! ...kidding) or respective activities, it was actually quite difficult to find students interested to participate. With all of the back to school buzz, I don't blame people for trying to stay on top of their work! 

Check out the shots I was able to get! 


Name: Alexis

From: Bay Area 

Year: Freshman 

Trend She's Currently Loving: Tangerine coupled with Turquoise 

Fall Must Have: Sweaters, any comfy sweaters


Name: Sage

From: L.A.

Year: Freshman 

Where is your shirt from?: My Dad's girlfriend. I just took it from her

Fall Must Have: A good pair of boyfriend jeans 


Name: Neta 

From: Israel 

Year: Senior 

Where do you shop most?: Current/Elliot 

Fall Must Have: Plaid 


Name: Taleen

From: Las Vegas 

Year: Senior 

Current Favorite Item of Clothing: Chanel sneakers 

Fall Must Have: Short black booties

And there you have it! A sneak peak into the current trends of the emerging L.A. "fall"! If you like the street style: student edition, let us know in the comments below!


Post By: Avery Ciarrocchi