Summer rain by Danny Faria

                Summer rain by Danny Faria

You’ve started your own company; you’ve created your own designs, and you’ve made your dreams come true. Now all that’s left to do is develop a strong brand identity that your clients will recognize, respect, and come to love with all their hearts. Creating a strong brand identity is important  because it draws customers in and distinguishes your brand from the others. It’s the visual look applied to your company and therefore one of the first things customers will see.


1.  Designing a logo is a key component to developing strong brand identification. Logos make your brand instantly recognizable. They are also easy to remember and have the potential to draw in customers. Logos are printed on a wide variety of things, including tags, business cards, storefront signs, websites, and social media platforms. Due to their prevalence, they should be easy to recognize and memorable.

2. Taglines should convey your story and the benefits of shopping your brand. A tagline should be simple - no longer than a sentence. They are important because they give an insight into your brand and help to distinguish your target audience. An effective tagline and logo together will help customers distinguish your brand from the rest.

3. Your aesthetic style includes the colors, fonts, sizes, shapes and textures represented on your logo, tagline,website design, and store décor (if you do have a store). The aesthetics should mirror those most often used in your work. If your designs are edgy, your aesthetic style should be edgy as well. A cohesive aesthetic style across all mediums, including logo and tagline will help develop a strong brand identity that will be easily recognized and memorable.

4. Develop a language tone. In order to accomplish this, you have to first think about what you want your customers to think of your brand. Do you want to be funny, serious, insightful, or satirical? To answer that question take a look at your band’s values and reflect them accurately within your language tone. The tone should be used on all social media sites and the website. Be consistent across all mediums to ensure a cohesive brand identity.

A strong brand identity isn’t developed overnight; it takes some time. After you design a logo, come up with a tagline,  and develop an aesthetic style and language tone. You should have a strong brand identity that is recognizable, memorable, and both trusted and loved by your customers.



By Kelly Droz