With nearly identical products in mall stores and sensory overload on the internet, it is almost impossible to find new brands to shop. This problem posed the question, how can we shop brands we can’t find? Determined, we set out to find the answer. One year and countless late nights later we are proud to be home to over 100 brands spanning a wide variety of styles from edgy street to boho chic. Our efforts have made us the online marketplace to discover independent apparel brands from local communities across the globe. This holiday weekend we want to express our gratitude to both our loyal customers and curious newcomers. We have implemented the best of the best holiday deals while staying true to our vision.

We strive to empower discovery not by product, but by brand. Keeping with this theme we are have created a scavenger hunt for customers. Somewhere in our brand’s showrooms are several Golden Tickets. These golden tickets are gifts for their finders to use on Small Business Saturday and can be up to $50 off. While you look through these showrooms you’ll be able to see our brands freshest inventory as well as discover new brands along the way.




But we didn’t stop there- We have curated limited edition one-of-a-kind collections just for the holiday weekend. We are not a discount and deals site, so you know this is something special when we offer discounts up to 30% on our favorite products. With everything we’re serving up this weekend, Colabination should be on everyone’s favorites tab (Especially whoever is buying your holiday gifts).




Small Business Saturday is our official one year anniversary, so we knew we had to do something special. We decided to launch on this very day in the first place because our hearts and souls live for supporting local, independent business owners in every way possible. There was nothing more fitting. So, on this day, along with all of the discounts being offered in the collections, we are giving away a gift to everyone who makes a purchase. This is our way of saying thank you for supporting small businesses during such cooperation driven holiday. Buy anything on Small Business Saturday, proclaim your support for the little guy, and receive a gift to the store ranging from $5-$50 to use until the end of 2015.




This brings us to our final day of the holiday weekend. Cyber Monday. This is what you might call a shopping bonanza. We’re starting at 35% off from 9am-11am, and ticketing down the clock until we hit 15% off at 10pm. So don’t sleep on this chance to grab that swag you’ve been eyeing up all week.



We can’t express how grateful we are for all of our loyal customers and brands.   Together we are reshaping the way we shop online. Learn more about our holiday specials and start building your cart today!