What are your passions?

This simple question is what three Colorado School of Mines students asked themselves as they were in their last year of Mechanical Engineering classes. They were encouraged to follow the money and work in the oil industry. While many of their classmates followed this plan these three best friends decided to do something different. Ben Thomson, Shamus McNutt (who I interviewed via email), and Mark Grubbs thought about what mattered most to them: family and friends, action sports, film, photography and art and decided to start a lifestyle company embodying all these and more of their passions. Thus Belong Designs was born!

One of the many things people love about Belong Designs is that it's a Colorado proud company, but differentiates itself from similar clothing companies by embracing the Colorado Lifestyle, not just Colorado Design. 

We’d like individuals to look at our clothing more as a statement than just a cool design... a statement saying ‘I do and/or want to follow my passion, and believe that I know where I belong. We want our fans to see that we’ve started a movement in pursuit of an authentic life of meaning and be inspired to do the same.
— Shamus McNutt, Founder

They also embrace their social media following (their Instagram account is one of my favorites) by sharing their fan's adventures, celebrating those who have found where they belong and encouraging everyone to follow their passions. Belong Designs also incorporates the athletes they sponsor into their brand. These athletes are all amazing at what they do and completely embrace the Belong lifestyle. Check out these amazing athletes here.

Belong Designs recently teamed up with Colabination's own, I Get Down CO, for a social media clothing giveaway. According to McNutt this was a perfect collaboration because I Get Down CO believes in the same things that Belong Designs does: "following your dreams and doing what we love, giving back to those who most deserve it, being a positive inspiration for those all so confused by the world we live in, and illustrating a movement of authenticity, joy, grace, and love." Look out for more collaborations between Belong Designs and I Get Down CO as they hope to continue working together.

In five years Belong Designs hopes to be in stores world wide, be main sponsors for athletes and events, be able to award 10-50 individuals the opportunity to join the movement and be full time employees for Belong Designs, be inspirations to people finding where they Belong, and be a company that gives back to those who need it most and in ways other than just monetary donations. They are also starting a lifestyle blog that will feature one person every two weeks. The Belong Designs team will help this individual's dreams become a reality. McNutt says they want to help people and give back to those less fortunate than them.



This inspiring brand is inspired by anyone and anything that breaks the social norm, just like they did in creating Belong Designs. They are inspired by those who do good and radiate positivity, by those who treat everyone they meet with respect, love, and happiness.

Belong Designs is without a doubt one of the most inspiring brands I have ever come across. I cannot wait to see where they go, and hope they are able to accomplish all they hope to. Even though we were only able to correspond via email, I could tell how passionate and kind-hearted Shamus is. I imagine Ben and Mark are equally passionate and I truly wish them the best of luck.

Don't forget to find where you Belong!

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By Kelly Droz @Kdroz93