During my last semester of college my older sister would not stop bugging me about getting an internship. She told me no one would hire me if I had no experience. So I googled "Internships in Fort Collins." I came across Colabination and I applied. Once I was accepted for the position as Blog Ambassador I decided I was set! Little did I know, an amazing opportunity would arise from it.




My third Behind the Design piece featured Denver local leather bag designer Heather & Hide. I came across them, once again, through Google. We set up an interview and I immediately fell in love with the bags and was captivated by everything Heather and Lindsay said. The piece was written, submitted, and published and I moved onto my next deadline.

Not long before graduation I got an email from Lindsay asking if I knew anyone interested in interning with Heather & Hide for the summer. I was so excited when I read the email I almost fell out of my chair. Within a couple of weeks I was officially Heather & Hide's Intern!

Photo by Kelly Droz

Photo by Kelly Droz

Heather & Hide Instagram

Heather & Hide Instagram

My duties as an intern were to blog; help with social media; log wholesalers, suppliers, and buyers; help with craft fairs; and help wherever they needed me. Within the first few weeks I was able to help with their first official photoshoot. This was like a dream come true for me. I helped style Heather's outfits, paired purses with outfits, paired purses together for product shots - some of my ideas were even used. I remember sitting at Union Station (where the photoshoot was) and thinking how cool this experience was.

I was also able to help Lindsay with the Denver Flea, a huge flea market located in the heart of Denver. I was able to see how the selling process worked. I knew the bags inside and out and was able to show potential customers just how awesome they were. At the Flea I met so many other designers. I realized that they had all formed their own little niche in Denver. Most of them all knew, supported and cheered each other on.

That community of designers and crafters really inspired me to meet and reach out to as many people as I could. I started following many of them on Instagram and love seeing my favorites at other events. At the end of the Flea Lindsay and Heather let me pick a bag to to keep, I almost started crying! From then on I have carried my Heather & Hide bag with me everywhere. People always ask me where I got it, and I love to tell them all about it and the company. A few of the people I have told have even gone on to purchase their own Heather & Hide bags. 


Heather and Lindsay were able to teach me so much (whether they intended to or not) about the fashion industry in Denver, the processes of designing and marketing, the importance of networking, and about owning your own business. I was able to teach them what a frocket is (a front pocket), and more about what college girls are looking for in purses. We put our brains together and were able to create a marketing campaign for the Denver Flea, a giveaway, and an Instagram campaign/giveaway. This internship taught me more about the fashion industry and provided me with wonderful real life experience.

Interning for a designer is an experience not very many people can have and is probably one of the coolest I've had so far. My internship with Heather&Hide not only helped me grow and learn, but it also helped me realize that working in the fashion industry is definitely something I love and want to continue doing.

Learn more about Heather & Hide on social media:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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Article by Kelly Droz @Kdroz93