Both the music and fashion industries have huge influence on the world around us, but oddly enough there isn’t a major crossover area, and when there is, it’s highly mainstream and usually between well-known creators. While these collaborations may go viral, they're quickly disregarded and both industries once again turn their backs to each other.

It would take a lot longer to go into the details of why I believe these industries don’t work well together, I wanted to instead focus on why they should, and why the collaboration between the two worlds would radiate something so unique it could possibly form a new industry that can stand alone.

One of my favorite artists is FKA twigs, an individual who has used equal parts visual and audio aspects in creating her image.

No matter how minimalist or maximalist the clothing may be, it’s still a construct of what we know to be fashion. It stimulates our eyes and enriches our experience. In almost every creation FKA twigs has released to the public, her videos showcase the human body in some way, whether realistically or with digital renditions. But in addition to that, she showcases various fashions, styles, and aesthetics that change the whole atmosphere of her work.

In the images above, FKA twigs presents high fashion clothing to the general public by having her and her dancers wear high fashion clothing. I believe there’s a sense of normalcy being introduced. High fashion typically seems like something distant, like something we can't reach out and touch, let alone be involved with the creative process.

But this presents a merging form of collaboration between cloth and sound - introducing a broader spectrum to high fashion. The overhype of elitism within the community needs to be something of the past. There is more than one dimension when it comes to an art form, and it truly needs to be recognized within the fashion and music industries.


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Article by Poi (@goldenboypress)

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VISUALS: FKA twigs and dancers movement directed by Patryk Boguslawski for Wonderland magazine.