Want to join a movement that seeks to add color to the world through fashion?

Then look no further: LikeLife Streetwear, located in Cologne, Germany was created in September of 2013 by two ambitious and forward-thinking individuals: Stefanie Schreier and Helene Justus. Stefanie and Helene are not only creating incredible and fashionable clothing, but they “work for a cause and not for applause”. LikeLife Streetwear is a movement that is inspired by culture that is unique and open-minded.

Q: What does fashion mean to you?

A: “Fashion means to emphasize your character and to show the world who you are. You can express yourself and inspire your environment”.

The vision behind creating LikeLife Streetwear is to make the world a bit more colorful, by representing modern street wear. The brand encompasses vibrant colors and innovative patterns that allow individuals to enhance their style with modern fashion and clothing with a purpose.

Stefanie states that LikeLife Streetwear is inspired by every detail of life, whether that be culture, traveling, people, or nature, there is always something to  motivate the brand. Consumers seeking an innovative brand can relate to LikeLife Streetwear’s vision and clothing. At the moment, one of LikeLife Streetwear’s top selling shirts says “Save Water, Drink Champagne”. Customers adore the message behind the quote because it is funky and fresh, thus allowing individuals to  express creativity through streetwear inspired clothing.

Stefanie believes that both LikeLife Streetwear and Colabination can benefit from offering unique clothing to genuine individuals.


Q: What do you see for the future of Colabination?

A: “We hope that Colabination will become established worldwide and become one of the most famous online-platforms for clothing”.

In return, Stefanie has high hopes for the future of LikeLife Streetwear as well. The clothing at LikeLife Streetwear will add to the diversity of Colabination’s products, since they are one-of-a-kind items with an edge. With the help of Colabination, Stefanie believes the brand will grow in the near future and become a worldwide-established street wear brand.

Ultimately, the LikeLife Streetwear brand aspires to bring a message to the world. Stefanie and Helene are following their dream and creating clothing that is inspired by the world around us, so there is always something for everyone. They appreciate the opportunity that LikeLife Streetwear has to leave a footprint on the world with their innovative designs.


If you are tired of big name brands and want clothing that has meaning, connect with LikeLife Streetwear:

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By Meghan Barrett