New York Fashion Week. Those four words on their own are already enticing, but combined they create a fantasy world that most people wouldn't dare investigate. This year, my fantasy became a reality at Kevin Shahroozi's Fashion Week Finale Show at Opus Lounge in the Meat Packing District in New York City. 

In true NYC fashion, I headed from Brooklyn to Manhattan on the F train, wearing the completely wrong shoes for the snowy weather. The train ride alone seemed like a fashion show teaser, as one passenger exited an even better dressed one came on. When I resurfaced from the underground tunnels I found myself in the trendy meat packing district. I got a bit lost on the way, but found myself following the best dressed group of people to Opus Lounge. 

Inside there was a buzz as the show was gearing up to begin. The DJ spun top 40 hits remixed and models wearing nothing but body paint danced around while we waited for the real star of the night- Kevin Shahroozi's new collection. I spoke to Kevin for a short while, and he told me how excited he was for what lies ahead as he focuses on solely menswear. 

After a few drinks I couldn't really afford, the lights dimmed even lower and the show began. You could hear a pin drop- in the best way.  It was amazingly refreshing to see everyone so focused on the fashion in a world where attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter with so many distractions at our fingertips. 


As the last look came down the runway, the applause roared throughout the room. As Kevin followed all of his models out on the cat walk, the crowd started shouting "SHAH-ROO-ZI! SHAH-ROO-ZI!" The collection mixed blues, grays and blacks with interesting textures and details that caught and kept my attention.






As my first NYFW Show, this will be one to top. Kevin's energy- in himself and his designs- is reflected in the passion his fans have for him. His collection was modern yet classic, timeless yet forward-thinking. .I was honored to represent Colabination at Kevin Shahroozi's Show and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for him. 


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By Giulia Valtieri

Designer Relations Manager