I was lucky enough to meet with Megan Kaltenbach over coffee at Cherry Creek North and get to know more about her, her beautiful jewelry, and what inspires her. After Meg and I shared our love for our cats (Skittles and Larry, respectively) and our obsession of Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl, we got right into talking about her jewelry line, MKaltenbach.


Meg started making her own jewelry after she had graduated college and was modeling in New York showrooms. She wanted to be fashionable yet not want to look like everyone else; she wanted to stand out. She chose to make her own jewelry because it was less expensive than buying it. Eventually other models were asking her to make them jewelry. Then one day at a photo shoot, a writer for a magazine commented on her jewelry asking Meg where she got it. When she told the journalist she made it herself, she decided to pursue jewelry design as more than just a hobby. MKaltenbach took off from there!

Meg is inspired by everything from fashion brands to the pictures in magazines. She says that the mountains and the southwest feel of Colorado inspire her jewelry. Her use of coral and turquoise are reminiscent of the “Old West” feel of Colorado.

MKaltenbach is perfect for every woman. Meg says her jewelry is for any woman who wants her individuality to shine and wants to stand out and be different. There are simple gold bars on a variety of chain lengths, which are perfect for layering with bolder pieces or wearing alone for the safe jewelry wearer.


If you look at MKaltenbach’s website you can tell that agate is a popular stone. It also happens to be Meg’s favorite stone and was apart of her favorite design. That design was a rhinestone spider atop a huge piece of agate with tons of chains. This was one of MKaltenbach’s earlier designs and a custom piece.

Meg is currently collaborating with a woman in California. The duo is making arrowhead rings, and I must say, they are beautiful and unique. They range in arrowhead size and stones used. All stones featured in MKaltenbach jewelry are unique, hand picked, and real. Making sure her stones are real is very important to Meg because it makes her pieces more one of a kind. That and her excellent customer service set her apart from her competition. All MKaltenbach pieces are backed up, and she’s realized that once someone buys one piece it isn’t too long before they buy more.


MKaltenbach jewelry is all designed and hand made by Meg. This insures the uniqueness and that each piece is up to her standards. It’s also important to Meg to stay a “Made in America” company so click on over and see these unique and hand made pieces yourself! If you buy any MKaltenbach pieces make sure to Instagram and tag @m_kaltenbach to show your own styling; Meg loves seeing how her customers style her jewelry!


By Kelly Droz