Six years ago, Heather stumbled upon a handmade leather bag at a flea market. When people started commenting on her fantastic find, she decided she wanted to start making her own. The idea to make one-of-a-kind bags and wallets really came together though when she and her sister, Lindsay (who handles the company’s marketing and advertising) went travelling after college. While in Asia they realized they wanted bags that were not too big, safe for traveling to foreign places, easily accessible, and fashionable, of course. Thus, Heather & Hide was born!



The Buffalo, NY natives grew up around sewing. Heather and Lindsay’s mom always had her sewing machine out. Lindsey came out to Colorado for college and Heather decided to move out once Heather & Hide started taking off. They decided that being in two separate states was just too hard to conduct business. So far, they love it (who wouldn't!).

I asked the women about their inspiration and they said they are inspired by the use of raw materials like leather. Heather, the designer, commented that the bags are unique, plain and simple on the outside but fun and funky on the inside, just like most of the people she has met in Colorado.

The bags are very unique in that way. The simple leather outsides are very versatile and can pair perfectly with any outfit, and the fun and patterned insides are a special treat for the owner of the bag. All bags are designed and handmade from scratch by Heather. She picks out the leather, usually upholstery remnants, the hardware, and inside fabrics. She has made her own patterns and constructs each bag. She says the best part is when she gets an idea, carries it out, and impresses herself with the finished product. She loves the functionality of things and how wallets are like puzzles.

Lindsay does the sales and marketing for Heather & Hide. She oversees communications, product demand, consumer influencing, go-to-market strategy, and finance. Her main focus is defining the Heather & Hide brand, but she still helps with quality control, and assembling straps in the shop.

The women can see Heather & Hide eventually encompassing larger travel bags,  backpacks and accessories. Heather is starting to experiment in colored zippers, currently using pastel zipper fabric to bring a pop of color. She wants to incorporate that pop of color without it seeming too “pink.”

The Heather & Hide duo has created amazing pieces that are unique, and beautifully crafted. The exquisite craftsmanship is evident in every bag. Click on over to see the bags for yourself or browse their new collection on Pinterest.

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By Kelly Droz