Bensheim, Germany

Ever since joining Colabination’s team of Blog Ambassadors, I've had the opportunity to meet with some talented independent designers in my marvelous home base of Austin, Texas. For this post, I was lucky enough to get in touch with an exceptionally talented photographer all the way across the Atlantic in Germany, Malte Grüner. Malte is from Bensheim, a small city south of Frankfurt. He shared with me his inspirations to become a photographer, his influences, techniques, experiences and the best of his work, and I know you guys will appreciate it as much as I do.

Since the best photos I am capable of taking are with my iPhone 6 and a killer Instagram filter (crema being my personal favorite), I was interested in learning about the specifics of photography and how Malte captures such beautiful snapshots with a real camera and lighting. “When it comes to shooting there are only two things I need – my full-frame DSLR and my 35 mm lens. That´s it. This combination together with natural light is all it takes – no zoom lens, no flash or any fancy equipment.” These two necessities, along with Malte’s passion and talent, is the formula that leads to a successful snapshot.

While browsing through Malte’s Facebook page and reading his article “Seen in Italy,” I admired his style of photography, which he refers to as “urban-lifestyle.” When I asked Malte what his go-to location is for shooting, he said “I´d definitely say urban locations – to some degree places that are not beautiful on the first sight.” I believe that Malte’s strategy in choosing these types of sights give his work a special type of character, and his use of natural light is able to spark and capture the charm of any scene, whether it be a worn down coffee shop or an abandoned bike on a street in Italy.
Since superb technique stems from valuable influence, I asked Malte to explain to me what impacts his work the most. “There are so many talented photographers all over the world that it´s hard to name one single person or photographer. The biggest influence is a constructive exchange of views and opinions among friends and fellow photographers. There´s nothing more influencial than meeting different photographers and creating collaborative shoots or projects.” With this experience, Malte was able to capture his favorite image yet, shown below. “I shot this photo at the ‘Hessentag’ in 2014 - the biggest annual funfair in the federal state of Hesse. As the amusement park was located slightly away from the other attractions, I luckily discovered the funfair in a deserted moment. After publishing this photograph many people asked me whether I had rented the location for the photo shoot.” 

10873026_687215338042507_8017888514845302805_o (1).jpg

Based on Malte’s prior experience and success, he has simple advice for new photographers. “Try to focus on photography – not on technical aspects. Search for unique locations and learn how to use natural light.” So what exactly is photography to Malte himself? “To me, photography is a chance to express an own sense of style – I believe that I've always had a creative vein, but unfortunately I´m totally untalented when it comes to drawing or making music. As a photographer I have the chance to capture moments others might not recognize.”

Explore more of Malte's work and get the full scoop of his road trip with his two best friends and camera in hand, touring through Italy. Support Malte’s work on his Facebook and Instagram.

For even more inspiration, whether you are an aspiring photographer or just an art connoisseur, visit and Behance. Don't forget to tell your friends if you like what you see!


By Brooke Decker 

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