While we like to think of Philadelphia as the city of brotherly love, we can all admit that some people you meet here won't exactly exude those brotherly love qualities. However, when I met Milan, Founder and Designer of Milano Di Rouge Apparel, I was instantly connected to her positive vibe and loving spirit. I’ve been following the Milano journey for a while now but I was eager to get to know Milan on a personal level, and even more thrilled to find out that she was just as kind hearted in person as she appears to be on social media. I sat down with Milan to chat about fashion, her personal style, and what it takes to make it in Philly.

It all began July 2012, when Milan came up with the idea to create her own clothing line. It was then that she came up with the concept, rough drafts of her designs, and settled on the name Milano Di Rouge. After much anticipation, the first collection launched November 11, 2012. Since then, it has been spotted all over the Philadelphia area, and even seen on celebrities like Keyshia Cole, Lou Williams of the Toronto Raptors, Angela Simmons, Meek Mill, Dion Waiters of Oklahoma City Thunder, and Lesean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Milano Di Rogue is a unisex brand, mostly known for their 5 cities sweatshirts. The clothing line is solely ran by Milan. She's the mastermind behind every aspect including designs of the clothes, marketing strategies, and production of the merchandise.

When asked about her positive attitude she replied:

My brand helped me to be a more positive person. I believe you can get much further with a positive attitude. And I’m the type of person to look at the glass half full versus the glass half empty.

Growing up in Philadelphia exposed her to a lot of mean people. She often found people that believed you had to put on a tough act and carry a mean demeanor to be taken seriously in the city. She wanted to create something that changed that negative mentality and promoted positivity.

It was that positive energy that immediately grabbed my attention when I stumbled across her on Instagram some years ago. And it is that same mentality that helps her display the mission of the brand: "making dreams reality." Ultimately, she hopes her brand gives her the platform she needs to inspire others and be able to give back to her community.

I created a brand that represents me.

If you follow Milan's personal Instagram you'll find that it's hard to categorize her style. "I would say my style is pretty random, says Milan, I get dressed based on how I feel." One day you may find her in a dress and heels, another day you may find her in a suit, and other days you may find her in jeans and sneakers. Much like her personal style, her versatile designs allow people to express themselves while wearing Milano. Her signature pieces can be dressed up or down.

In a industry that is so competitive, Milan chooses not to compare her brand to other brands. Instead, she aims to create a clothing line that inspires people to follow their dreams. She encourages young entrepreneurs too. With Milano Di Rouge, she plans to live out the mission of her brand and change the attitudes of Philadelphians one sweatshirt at time.

This Philadelphia native has a lot to offer and won’t stop until she makes her dreams reality.

For more info keep up with Milan on Instagram and www.milanodirouge.com.


By Kiona Dyches

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