Here in Seattle, we like our clothes to have a story. We enjoy individualism and supporting our local vendors. Mōksha is a small streetwear boutique, art gallery and lifestyle shop that feels the same way we Seattleites do.

Mōksha is a Hindu concept geared towards liberation. It is the act of breaking the cycle of reincarnation to achieve nirvana.

Current Mōksha owners and local designers, Robin Guilfoil and Karleen Ilangan, work to create a space where this message can be received and practiced by Seattle designers, musicians, and artists.

Walking into the store, you can just feel the good vibes. This place has everything. From the clothes, to the open space and high ceilings, to the giant stuffed monster - named Blamo - that greets you from the front window.

In addition to carrying name brands such as OBEY, 60-70 percent of their clothes, shoes and accessories are from local brands that they believe in. Robin and Karleen even have their own clothing line, Evergold, available through the boutique, representing their love of art, music and culture.

One of the many amazing things about Mōksha is their ability to offer multiple ways to support the local arts community. In addition to great pieces from local designers, they also have live music events for Seattle musicians throughout the month, as well as an art gallery displaying pieces from local artists available for purchase.

Karleen also teaches yoga every Sunday in store after close, to further promote the good vibes and positive message Mōksha represents.

"We have a lot of contributors that see their vision through our space," Robin said. "We are owned by artists, run by artists. We want to stay true to that message."

When asked about the future of Seattle street style, Robin sees more cut and sew, less silk screen. People are looking for pieces you can't find anywhere else.

Mōksha definitely has you covered for clothes you can't find anywhere else. Currently their most popular item is a one-of-a-kind dress made out of recycled saris, from local designer Indie Ella, that are lightweight, colorful and perfect for summer.

As for the future of Mōksha, "Our goal is to just do what we believe in and what feels good," said Robin.

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By Trevor Chapman