Local Phoenix jewelry designer Maggie Mays founded her brand "All The Tiny Pieces" just a year ago and is already doing big things. The brand’s name has much significance. It identifies that we are all tiny pieces of what makes up this magnificent universe, reminds us that all the tiny pieces make up “the big picture,” and that the "tiny pieces" used in the composition of the jewelry make each piece totally unique. Her boho-inspired jewels are perfect for the free-spirited soul. I caught up with Maggie at her in-house studio to learn more about All The Tiny Pieces.


How would you describe your brand?
My brand is – I would say natural, bohemian, southwestern and spiritual all in one.

What motivates and inspires your designs?
Positivity – through people, through places, music, or anything that I feel a connection with that is going to bring positivity, love and light. That is what I connect with.

Could you walk me through the process of making a necklace?
All of the stones I use are raw, some are drilled and some are not. If they are not drilled, I would wire wrap it. I don’t buy chain that has the findings on it, so I would cut the chain to whatever length needed; some chains are short, and some are long. Like with this one (showing me stone), it has the hole in it so I would grab an eyepin, put it through, and tilt it up. I use my hands mostly and only use the tools when I absolutely need to. I continue by wrapping the wire around the stone, clipping the end of the wire, and then fixing the piece to a jump ring or sometimes a bezel or a bail. Then I just slide it onto the chain, put the findings on the end and it’s done. That would be a simple piece. A lot of the pieces that I make are simple mainly because I want the person who is wearing it to be able to wear it with other things. Statement pieces are awesome, I have a few of those but for the most part, I think ‘What would I want to wear everyday?’ or ‘What is going to go with other things?’ and ‘What is going to be simple but still beautiful and one of a kind?’ – and all crystals are.


What is the future for All the Tiny Pieces?
That’s a good question. I envision it in stores all over the world. I would love to travel, be able to present my jewelry to different places, basically to grow, be innovative with what I do, learn and teach myself, and learn from others. I don’t want to make only ten items that are repeated, but to really grow as an artist, learn new tips and tricks, and bring those into the line. I want to have collections that are somewhat limited. I like the idea of a Fall 2015 Winter Dark Forest collection with darker stones and pieces that fit really well together. I want to always be open to change and have it evolve organically.


Maggie Mays is a very talented jewelry designer and is as unique as the pieces she makes. With only one year in business, she is already gaining the recognition she deserves. Continue to follow Maggie, her beautiful jewelry, and her journey with All The Tiny Pieces at allthetinypieces.com.


By Allison Sherman