A majority of people believe that Washington D.C. is an "all business" type of town. But in actuality, D.C. has some of the coolest alternative styling to offer, and cool is exactly what you will get with Hugh & Crye. With designs ranging from funky casual attire to business wear, Hugh & Crye are adding much needed creativity to the world of menswear.

Hugh & Crye was founded by Pranav Vora and Philip Soriano when they were tired of being labeled just by a size: small, medium, or large. They wanted to create a brand that focused more on the fit, and decided that with this nice fit should come a style that's based on every aspect of a man's lifestyle. So, they created a wearable, comfortable, and most importantly, fun clothing line. Customers are encouraged to take a quiz on the site to find their fit, where the fit is based on body proportions (skinny, slim, athletic, broad) and height (short, average, tall). Once they get their results, the customer is free to browse the website or store by their personalized fit.

This balance of fit and style is perfectly shown through their Print Popover collection. The base of this collection is a breathable cotton that allows for maximum wearability and comfort; sure to leave the wearer to feel cool and confident in all their pieces. The shirts come in patterns that are inspired by nature, ranging from floral designs to conch shells. While the prints are eccentric, the colors are neutral in order to balance things and keep wearability a priority. 

Behind this amazing style comes an amazing mission to source material responsibly and decrease waste consumption. Hugh & Crye avoid harsh chemical additives from their fabrics, only sourcing their fabric from trusted artisans - making customers health and skin a priority behind the types of materials they choose. Along with their material standards, Hugh & Crye have consumption standards and goals they adhere to. In order to bring down waste consumption, they encourage customers to bring in old dress shirts, t-shirts, and button downs for donation. Instead of making customers take time out of their own day to go through the donation process, Hugh & Crye donate all the shirts they receive to Martha's Table - a nonprofit organization in Washington D.C. that supplies younger children and older youth with necessities they do not have. To make this deal even sweeter, Hugh & Crye offer a ten percent store discount for customers who donate. As they put it, it's a "win-win-win" situation.

Whether you're a guy who enjoys casual wear or a more formal style, check out Hugh & Crye to keep cool this summer in more ways than one!

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By Emily O'Rourke