Many people have this idea of California as being warm beaches, palm trees and endless sunshine. Well allow me to set the record straight. Southern California, i.e. Los Angeles, fits the above description, but Northern California is a whole different animal with a very different climate. The weather and seasons in the Bay Area are highly controlled by microclimates due to all of the neighboring mountains and valleys that make up the topography of the area. There is easily a twenty degree difference within a twenty mile radius, and the temperatures can rise or fall at the drop of a dime. In the early mornings, it is not uncommon to see the sky filled with fog, always adding to the mystery as to whether or not the sun will come out. But when we do get sunny days, the city is breathtaking and locals are out and about making the most of every ray of sun.

So in fashion speak, this means that your wardrobe needs to be well stocked to take on whatever Mother Nature has in store. The key to this madness is layers, layers, layers. With the need for so many articles of clothing, it ultimately means more opportunity for shopping!


So what does the SF summer outfit look like? Let’s start with the anatomy of an SF’s summer day:

Morning: foggy and freezing! You will be sporting denim, a cardigan, a jacket, a scarf, a beanie and boots.

Midday: the sun is starting come out and fog is beginning to burning off (hopefully). You’ll be stripping off your top layer and sporting a tee with your cardigan. Or maybe just denim, your scarf and a top if you’re feeling daring.

Evening: the temperature will promptly begin to drop when the sun goes down. Warm summer nights are myths from fairytales in SF so you’ll be busting out all those outer layers again.

Because we are talking about San Francisco style, we decided to take to the streets of the Mission District to showcase some of the famous murals that adorn the city’s walls. We caught a couple great hours of sunshine in the early afternoon but around 5pm it was time to bust out the layers again. This city will always keep you guessing and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


By: Gennifer Rose 
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