Here in D.C., Birkenstock sandals have taken over the footwear scene. With comfort and quality being the main selling points, it's no wonder that these sandals have become a hit with the D.C. Community - Washington D.C. was recently found to have the 2nd highest city walk-to-work rate in the country.


Mia & Ellie: While walking through Georgetown, one of D.C. hippest districts, I came across two girls channeling hippie chic outfits complete with Birks! Mia & Ellie (right) are both rocking the original Birks, a.k.a the Arizona’s. Their free spirit style looks like it belongs in 1970’s California, where Birks were brand new in the fashion scene and were focused on the wearer’s health benefits.


Amanda: Continuing on with my day in Georgetown, I stumbled into Amanda, who styled her Birks in an edgier way. As we started talking, and she mentioned she loved her Birks because she's able to wear them all day without any aching feet, which is important, as she works in retail. Her ripped jeans and choppy, short hair really emphasized the look. She was sporting the Miyari Birkenstocks and reportedly bought that style because of how thin the sandal bands were. The Miyari sandals are a relatively new style that focuses on being a bit more fashion forward.


Ginger: Another day, another way to style Birks. Ginger, mom of three and preschool teacher extraordinaire, happily posed for me in her summertime outfit complete with Birkenstocks. As a preschool teacher, it is important for her to have a comfortable shoe to run around in all day. However, she also wanted to have a sandal that could transition over to her day-to-day life. Ginger described her style as preppy, and her silver Miyari’s intensify her prep factor in a white skirt and striped tank.


Hannah: Hannah, a Labor and Delivery Nurse, styled her Birks in a casual, urban manner. Hannah told me that when she has time off, she likes to be comfortable but have a put together outfit that isn’t scrubs. Her Birks allow her to be comfortable while she walks around D.C. with her husband, Abe, but to still look adorable. She chose the Arizona style because it was the most “simplistic,” which allows her to match them to whatever she wears.


While D.C. is sporting the Birkenstock sandals, places like California have more of an even distribution when it comes to what gender is sporting them. D.C. men have not been seen wearing these sandals as much as the West Coast fellas, but hopefully, as Birks continue to grow in popularity, D.C. men will be sporting these stylish sandals soon!

By: Emily O'Rourke