At Colabination not only are we dedicated to independent designers but we are also dedicated to environmental conservation. While it may be a small contribution, many of us ride our bikes to work and bring a reusable water bottle- But, we wanted to do more. This is why we are so excited to announce our newest collaborative partner, Qamay. This company and it's partners promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle by offering a wide array of handmade products from eco-friendly materials.

Credit: Tessa Romansky

Credit: Tessa Romansky

Qamay is based out of San Francisco and is the parent company to several different brands that are the newest additions to the Colabination family. The brands are Lagu, which produces a sand repellent beach towel; Habi, which produces shoes made with recycled rags and airplane tires, and Gouache, which produces waterproof canvas bags.

We interviewed Gino, one of the founders of Qamay. He explained more about Qamay’s mission to show that being green doesn’t have to be boring!

Qamay's existence proves that it's possible to be fun, stylish and affordable while being green. The company does this by insuring the quality is high and the products are well designed. Lagu, Habi, and Gouache are all environmentally sustainable and help out the planet in their own unique ways.

Lagu, the sand repellent towel, “was created because of the depleting shoreline of our beaches in the Philippines,” said Gino in our interview. According to Qamay’s website, each beach tourist accidentally misplaces three handfuls of sand every day they are at the beach. Lagu’s sand repellent towels ensure that the number of handfuls decreases. Not only are these towels helping shorelines, but they come in many different colors, roll and button up for easy travel, and are machine washable.


Credit: Tessa Romansky

Credit: Tessa Romansky

Habi shoes are made with recycled rags, cloth, and canvas. The soles of the shoes are made from durable airplane tires. These shoes not only help the environment, but also the Filipino women living in poor urban communities who make them which provides an extra income of three times the market price. The Filipino community “owns the business itself. They source their own materials and produce the product and sell it to us [Qamay]. They control the pricing as well. This is a better set up since they can mark up better instead of us hiring them as a factory worker,” said Gino.

He also said that Qamay’s other main mission is to bring Filipino brands to the United States and he and his partners think Habi is the perfect brand to integrate into the U.S. market. The variety of colors and styles makes these shoes perfect for most people.

Gauche canvas bags are waterproof, handmade, and come in a wide variety of stylish colors. These bags are perfect for protecting all your gadgets from water. They are dipped in wax, which requires each bag to be carefully constructed, and ensures a unique finish to each and every bag. No two are alike. Gauche started out producing just camera bags but soon grew to encompass several styles. Due to a need for these bags and a local Filipino crowdsourcing website, the company has been able to thrive.

Gino explained how Lagu, Habi, and Gauche are all perfect for anyone who loves travelling, being stylish, and being green. After sampling and using the products myself, I completely agree. The beach towels, shoes, and canvas bags can easily be integrated into anyone’s life and are helping not only the environment, but also the Filipino communities that make them.

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By: Kelly Droz