Most Washingtonian’s know that the vintage market in D.C. is pretty small. However, what we lack in quantity is made up in quality. With its clean-cut layouts, and quirky name, Meeps is one of the best vintage shops Washington D.C. has to offer. Located on the outskirts of Adam’s Morgan, one of the hippest neighborhoods in town, Meeps boasts a cutesy storefront filled with retro clothing and accessories.

Meeps has been apart of the city for 23 years now, and is becoming more established in the area year by year. In 2011, Meeps went through a major revamp as well as ownership change. Cathy Chung and Katerina Herodotou took over storefront and gave it a major facelift. As owners of the well recognized Treasure Vintage, also located in D.C., these ladies know how the vintage market works. The easygoing aesthetic and fun loving design you see today is all from their influence. 

With pieces that range from the groovy 60s to the grungy 90s, Meeps is anything but traditional. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that vintage clothing is not wearable. Funky patterned tops and bright colored accessories can spice up any wardrobe and help you stand out from the crowd. While most of the population is dressed in standardized clothing, you can be the brightly colored needle in the haystack. Along with period clothing, Meeps has a selection of fun vintage jewelry varying from surfer beads to dainty gold chains perfect for layering onto your one-of-a-kind outfit.

Not only does Meeps do vintage, but they also up cycle old vintage shirts and hoodies to create stylish alternative ways to wear them. Currently, cropped and distressed crewnecks help fulfill their 90s inspired customer’s vibe. With reduction of environmental waste being a main priority in today’s consumer market, vintage clothing is the way to go when trying to decrease our footprint. 

Unlike second hand stores, like Good Will or Salvation Army, Meeps has a higher price tag. However, these pricier items boast quality that was checked and approved by Meeps own fashion buyers. Meeps is willing to buy pieces from locals who believe they have a unique item from the 1960s and prior. AND- Through an appointment, you can “auction” off your mom’s old 1960’s dress to their store- but you should probably ask her first.

Whether you are new to the vintage game, or have been rocking those retro pieces for a lifetime, Meeps D.C. just might be your new go to clothing shop! Even if you aren’t in the area, Meeps offers over the phone buying. If you see something you like on any of their social media pages, call the store and see if it can be yours!


By Emily O'Rourke