When people walk by Johnny Cupcakes, located in the middle of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, they expect to find just that: cupcakes. But Johnny Cupcakes is not your ordinary bakery; in fact it’s the world’s first t-shirt bakery. Johnny Earle, better known as Johnny Cupcakes, has been mixing up t-shirts since 2001 and started selling them out of his own suitcases. In 2002 he opened up his first retail store, and then in 2006, he opened up the Boston store on Newbury Street.

Entering the Johnny Cupcakes store is definitely an experience. After visiting and talking to some of the staff on Newbury Street, I got a good sense of the vibe in the store. The staff at Johnny Cupcakes is inviting, friendly and dedicated to customer relations, all of which compliments the company’s values. Due to the store’s location, it has been attracting tourists, young and hip college students, and families ever since it's opening.

The display in the store is authentic and custom, with actual old refrigerators filled with limited edition Boston sports teams t-shirts. Since Johnny Cupcakes values collaboration, it’s no surprise that they support teams like the New England Patriots or the Boston Bruins. Also, some shirts are solely available in the store and not online, which makes this experience all the more valuable since this merchandise is far from ordinary.

Also, they've done collaborations with Nickelodeon, The Simpsons and Suffolk University in Boston. The cool thing about these collaborations is that no two batches of freshly baked t-shirts are alike.


Johnny Cupcakes surely has its own following and Johnny himself travels the world in order to deliver unique lectures and foster entrepreneurship, with JC as a model. He is spreading his enthusiasm each day, one t-shirt at a time.

Check out the lectures below or connect with Johnny Cupcakes on social media.


By Meghan Barrett