Photo by Original Crackage

Photo by Original Crackage

How do you describe something that’s cool? Most would say “dope,” “sick,” or “sweet”, In the DMV (DC, Maryland) they use “crack”. Crack, as described by Wes and other DC natives, is cool, good, and something you should want. This is where the name Original Crackage was born. This name describes the clothes in the best way. These products all feature Wes’s original designs that he either doodles or designs directly on Adobe Illustrator, and I’ve got to say they are very cool designs. Original Crackage is memorable in every sense, from the name to the amazing designs. I was lucky enough to interview Wes and learn more about Original Crackage.

Wes said doodling and drawing the geometric lines that grace his pieces was always a hobby of his. He knew he wanted to start a clothing line, and when he started college in 2010 he decided to put one of his doodles on a T-shirt. Everyone from his friends to passersby loved the T-shirt. That was the start of Original Crackage. The college campus was the perfect place for this brand to start because it was easy to get the designs out to people who weren’t afraid to stand out.

Wes knows the importance of using social media to get brand to the right audiences. Original Crackage’s Instagram account feature photoshoots, events, and the pieces worn IRL (in real life). Wes’s use of Karma Loop has gotten his designs all the way to Canada and Japan. In five years, he sees Original Crackage in multiple states and himself moving to a bigger fashion capital like New York or Los Angeles. I think he and the brand are well on the way to becoming a nationally recognized brand because the clothes and designs are bold and unique.

Photos by Original Crackage

Photos by Original Crackage

The unique designs aren’t the only things that make Original Crackage one-of-a-kind. Wes only produces a certain amount of each design, only about 50-60 pieces. How many pieces are produced depend on the time of year, for instance, he produces more during the summer because he wants to make sure that the people who want the pieces get them. He also brings back past popular pieces to let his fans have another chance at getting a design they missed.

For Wes, the best part of being a designer is being able to use his creativity and having the ability to make things people want. The amazing designer draws his inspiration from the world around him. He is inspired by the “success from other business owners who started from the bottom and are still going.” They inspire him to keep going. Wes draws inspiration for his designs from the world around him. 

"They also are developed from my imagination. I'm able to express my inner thoughts with my designs. A lot of times I actually just go in the lab and start creating and everything will just naturally flow together.”


Original Crackage is bold, unique, and creative. It is definitely a brand worth watching and taking part in. The designs are something no one else will have or be able to replicate. You are guaranteed to get an original piece that might not ever be made again.

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Article by Kelly Droz