We spoke with the owner of Dreams of Triumph (based in the DMV), Val, to learn more about the lifestyle the Dreams of Triumph clothing brand represents and what they have in store for 2016.

What inspired you to start Dreams of Triumph? Did you always want to create your own clothing brand?  

Having a dream to motivate others to aspire to be more than just a statistic inspired me to start Dreams of Triumph. I thought what better way to inspire people than through fashion. We have to get dressed and go out every day into the real world and make it happen, why not do it in style embodying a clothing brand with a positive message.

I didn’t always want to create my own brand, but seeing as though there wasn’t any clothing brands that made influential or clothing with a positive message, I figured why not start my own.

Why did you choose to call it Dreams of Triumph? Is there a story behind the name?

It’s pretty much self explanatory. Everyone, no matter what race, color, height, or ethnicity has a dream or goal that they would like to become triumphant over. I believe Dreams of Triumph is a nostalgic name due to the fact that as long as we are alive we will never stop wanting to be successful. (dreaming of triumph)

What do you want the Dreams of Triumph brand to mean to your customers?

At the end of the day I want Dreams of Triumph to be that extra motivation everyone needs to go out and succeed. I want every customer or supporter to feel confident when they put on anything from the brand.

What or who influences the style of DOT?

Some influencers of the style of DOT would be artist like Kanye and Pusha T, and clothing brands like Kith NYC and 10 Deep. I look to these people and brands for inspiration and just provide my own twist.

What is the DOT way of life?

Dreams of Triumph Is More Than Just A Clothing Brand, It's A Way Of Life. Our Clothing Is Inspiration x Fashion x Dreams x Lifestyle.

What’s coming up for DOT in the new year?

Expect a couple dope new items to keep you warm this winter, along with a list of events that I’m planning to give back to the community and all those who have supported the brand over the years.

Who would be your dream person to collaborate with?

A dream person to collaborate with would probably be Kid Cudi. Kid Cudi would be ideal because of the way he puts his pain and passion in his music to motivate, is the same method I use when it comes to creating new apparel.

What celebrity would you love to see wearing your clothes?

I would say Rihanna in the women's apparel and Kendrick in the men's. I believe these two artist are so powerful in their industry and whatever they wear people pay attention to.

Is where DOT is now where you expected it to be when you first started the company?

No it’s far beyond where I envisioned it. I created the brand just to spread a positive message within my area and now this message is spread all around the world. I have supporters from D.C. all the way to Germany. It’s truly a blessing.

What were the initial challenges in getting DOT off the ground?

The initial challenge of getting DOT off the ground was just knowing where to start. It’s easy to have a vision or a plethora of ideas but how you go about executing them is another story. Asking other people with brands always failed because it seemed like nobody wanted me to surpass or inflict on their clothing endeavors. So I took it upon myself to do research, stay up to wee hours of the night and get things done.

Where do you see DOT in the next 5 years?

I see DOT evolving into more than just clothing. I would love to branch off and bring on other creatives in order to start a non profit organization where we can teach the troubled youth how to design, photograph, or create anything dealing with the arts that they show interest in.

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Article by Alysha Rayyn @barelyhippie