Tiptoeing down the stairs at age two or twenty, ‘tis the season to feel the butterflies of childish joy flutter through you as you catch your first glimpse of those perfectly wrapped and ribboned gifts beneath the tree.

A casual, yet creatively stimulating day at work for Alyson Brown emanates that Christmas morning thrill of surprise.“Every time I rinse these out I’m always surprised,” Brown said. “Not always the way I like, but that can be even better.”

Dying. Hand dying. Alyson Brown, founder and designer of Alyson Renee of New York hand dyes garments from silk scarves to kimonos.“I dye all day long—rinsing out items, washing them, drying them, steaming them, pressing labels—it’s an unveiling process for me,” Brown said.Alyson Renee is new to the New York fashion scene, founded just a year ago, and has already given a whole new meaning to the BoHo realm. Brown described her label as “Boho-glamour:” a reinvention of what Bohemian means and making it relevant now. Inspired by the trends of the 60s and 70s, Alyson Renee uses tie dye in a luxurious way. According to Brown, "A more sophisticated new spin on Bohemian clothing in a very clean and fashion forward way".

Specializing in dresses, kimonos, and silk scarves, Alyson Renee garments are one of a kind, not only different from pieces hanging in every little shop around the city, but different from the designs on the same rack—it’s the nature of hand dying, according to Brown, and the beauty of the process.

Brown said there are more products coming including knit tops, embroidered dresses exclusive for the holidays and silk palazzo pants. Brown said she will create more casual dresses as part of a more affordable dress line, with garments under $100.

As for the garments already available on alysonrenee.com, Brown said her kimonos are diverse and can be worn anywhere. But the dress collection is geared more toward special events.

“Shiny, bright, and bold—I picture someone going to a special event maybe a holiday party, maybe fashion week, who wants to wear something completely unique that no one is going to show up wearing the same garment,” Brown said.

Alyson Renee has debuted this past year online and in pop-up shops around the city. Eventually, Brown hopes to be in more brick and mortar stores around the U.S. and to make her way across the nation to the west coast.

For now, Alyson Renee is a label that is bringing more than style to NYC. A portion of Alyson Renee profits are donated to her parish, C3 Manhattan and other non-profits. Brown said she and her husband are part of a very giving community. As a Christian woman, Brown said God has given her talents in order to create and so she believes it is her duty to give back and help support the church.

Giving back is an honor, according to Brown. Taking a glimpse into the future Brown said:

I’d love for Alyson Renee to become a household name for more women to creatively express themselves wearing my garments.

From coast to coast, the unique aesthetic of Alyson Renee will make the label known, one hand-dyed garment at a time. 

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By Michelle Foti