Real talk. I honestly don’t know what interests me most about this designer spotlight—it could be their sincere interest in giving to philanthropy, their affiliation with Colabination’s own neighborhood of University City in Philly, or their affordable, kick-ass (did I mention super-sustainable?) sunglass frames.

The birth of the Barring Eyewear is a story of friendship, adversity, and willpower. Cody, Eric, and Joe’s friendship developed though common interests in designing sunglasses and their passion for the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. With the unexpected common loss of family members due to cancer, the Barring team pulled together and began intently working on their brand. The team decided to develop a business that would not only raise funds for cancer research, but would also be front and center in consumer view.

Barring creates affordably priced frames from out-of-the-ordinary materials, such as leather or premium woods and matted black or gradient acetate. Their optics are best in class with Cellulous Tri-acetate lenses that are polarized, UV cat 3, scratch and shatter resistant, and with a new wrinkle protection technology. Frames of comparable quality sell for roughly $200-$300. Their price point is $95-$140. Also, every frame is backed by a lifetime guarantee where for just $60, they will send their customers a replacement frame of their choice of equal value.

In addition to great frames and being backed by a great warranty, Philadelphia landmarks inspire each frame design. Each frame’s name is connected to Philadelphia with symbolic names and associations. But that’s not all… They have such a passion for the city, that their brand is actually named after a street off University of Pennsylvania’s campus. (Hashtag Philly pride).

In short, Barring developed a goal to build a sustainable business that is committed to funding cancer research and lowering the cost of frames for all consumers by offering a high end product at a mid tier price. I'm down with that.

P.S.—Barring just launched their first collection earlier this month! Soon you’ll be able to shop for Barring directly on Be sure to submit your email on our site to gain early access before we launch. Seriously. Do it.