Whilst scouring the web for talented designers in the Austin area, I came across Anna Gieselman’s page, where I got a sneak peak of her handcrafted jewelry from her line, Bee Amour. I quickly fell in love with her creativity and ideas! 

Anna took her passion for beekeeping and turned it into a beautiful line of bee-inspired jewelry. We met over coffee at my new favorite lunch spot, Quickie Pickie, on East 11th. Here, I got the inside scoop on her inspiration behind becoming a beekeeper, when she started designing jewelry, and how much her line has grown since Bee Amour launched about two years ago.

When Anna and I first sat down, I couldn’t help but notice her honeycomb ring.  “Well, I’m assuming that this is your design! How did this start?” Anna replied “I made jewelry as a hobby before, but it was when I started beekeeping that the designs became inspired from that.” I went on to ask about the process of handcrafting the jewelry, for it seems to be tedious and specific. 

The first necklace was cast from the hive that the queen bee cells began to grow. The cast was precisely laser cut and then a mold is made from that.
— Anna Gieselman

When I questioned how she chooses the shapes to incorporate into her pieces, she responded with “it’s all inspired by the bees,” which seems to be her motto! “Well, do the bees ever sting you?” I asked out of pure curiosity. I couldn’t imagine handling hundreds of stingers, something Anna seems to do so well! “Oh yeah,” Anna chuckled. “One time, I got stung on my upper lip, so I looked like I had a bad lip injection. It was great!” However, she seems to have a positive attitude about it and evidently won’t let a few stings slow her down.

Anna makes sure that she gives back 5% of her profits to various companies that primarily support the wellbeing of the bees. Anna told me about a specific company she supports, “Tour de Hives, a non-profit where beekeepers allow visitors to their site to teach them the importance of bees.” Anna also mentions, that “90% of our wild plants are pollenated by bees as well as 30% of our food, such as apples and blueberries.” Bees are good for our gardens and a well-picked statement piece!

So where else does Anna promote her line in Austin?

“I do a lot of vendor shows, craft, and art events.” So keep your eyes peeled if you get the opportunity to visit any of these events here in the heart of Austin!

You can view and purchase from Anna’s Bee Amour line on her website,  and her Facebook. Check out the About Bee Amour tab under the Stocklists + Events link to find out where her products are stocked in cities throughout Texas and New Mexico. I look forward to seeing this brand continue to expand (& hopefully onto Colabination soon)!

Thanks for looking behind the label with me, and don’t forget to go ahead and add Bee Amour to your wish list! 


By Brooke Decker

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