Urbanization was founded 13 years ago with the mission of bringing urban style to the suburbs, hence its namesake “Urbanization.” This boutique has a distinct boho meets street style look and feel; utilizing mesmerizing visual elements and stunning window displays. Established in 2002 in San Carlos, California, Urbanization focuses on the contemporary woman, catering to their intelligence, creativity, and individuality, with an overall emphasis on affordability within great quality.


The charm of Urbanization is grounded in their eye-catching product line. Buyers Sunny Hartley and Jenny Naghdchi are experts at finding up-and-coming brands before they go mainstream. In the early 2000s, before Free People could be found at major department stores around the world, Urbanization was one of the first boutiques to carry the brand. The store has built a reputation as the definitive fashion authority, serving as tastemakers in trending styles. Clients have a frequency of returning each season to check out the latest inventory and stock up their wardrobe. Urbanization shoppers trust the taste and recommendations of the ladies who work in the boutique, who have served as experts in styling and introducing new ways to wear classics.


Urbanization has built an impressive social following, establishing their audience through Facebook and Instagram as pioneers before these methods were adopted by most businesses. Photos of new shipments of products created a buzz across social media channels, bringing customers into the store ready to shop. The Urbanization team has created an interactive community with actively engaged customers posting their own photos on how they style or repurpose Urbanization products.

Urbanization is definitely one of my top spots to shop. It always inspires me to step up my style game, keeping me informed and up-to-date on what’s happening in the fashion scene.


By: Gennifer Rose

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