Prepare yourselves, guys. Stacking Endorphins is not only one of the most dope brands you’ll see this summer, but it also has a message that everyone needs to keep in mind.

Back in 2012, Adam Khatib and three of his fraternity brothers started silk screening t-shirts. The guys stuck mostly to basics and just saw it as something fun to do and mess around with during their time at the University of Washington in Seattle.

When his girlfriend passed away from cancer, Adam was flushed with emotions and decided to channel all of that energy into something positive. Whether it’s sleepless nights that he uses to work on the brand’s website, or memories that inspire new designs, Adam says he still draws inspiration from her every day.

When Endorphins first started, they focused on the typical college appeals of weed and sex. It’s what got their brand attention, and there was encouragement to indulge in these things to get your “endorphins.”

Coming from the Bay Area, Adam told me that he has been thinking about endorphins as a concept since middle school, explaining, “The only reason we’re really on this planet is to get endorphins.”

Through travels and time spent in Asia, Adam chose to evolve the brand and start measuring wealth through happiness instead of money. As his views on happiness changed, so did the meaning of his product.

“We want to focus more on nature-related endorphin-releasers instead of drugs and sex,” he said, citing travel, exploration and adventure as the main vibe of their new collections.

The emphasis on nature-sourced endorphins is very clear in their products. Just scrolling through the website makes me want to get on the next plane to anywhere.

Something that’s really helped nurture and support the Endorphins brand is the Seattle community. “Seattle has really been on the come-up for the past five years, and it’s turned into the huge cultural epicenter,” Adam said.

Seattle is definitely a huge supporter of local brands and designers, as well as local foods and markets. Everything from the legalization of marijuana, to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, to the Seahawks success has created a great environment of positive vibes, perfect for cultivating a brand like Stacking Endorphins.

Looking towards the future, Adam’s ultimate goal is to get the brand selling in Nordstrom, a Seattle clothing staple. He sees that as a very doable goal, hopefully to be checked off by 2016 or '17. Meanwhile, the guys are looking at deals with Zumiez and other retailers to spread the positive energy of their clothing line.

The demand for this product is high, as Endorphins only makes 50 – 100 of any given item. These limited edition hats, hoodies and t-shirts sell out fast.

Fortunately, they have some awesome new stuff coming out. The Fall collection is expected to drop in October of this year, which includes new hats, a new series of backpacks and hoodies that are handmade in Seattle.

Look out for Adam’s favorite item, the International Currency hat, with gold Thai silk lining and a genuine leather strap and label.

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By: Trevor Chapman

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