At Colabination, we believe that two are better than one. This concept is at our core, specifically when it comes to uniting brands across a variety of industries. A brand is great on its own, but it’s even better when new, exciting projects bloom from a shared idea. When creativity merges with business, beautiful things happen. Innovation, fresh perspective, and concepts born from expanding notions are wonders we wish to inspire. Not only can two designers put their brains together to make something new and fabulous, but merchants and business owners can connect with those designers and gain more exposure. Different styles can come together to create something never seen before. The list goes on and on.

There are many benefits to joining rather than separating. By joining forces, you create a mutually beneficial relationship. If your own business has a following, as well as your main competitor, that means that there are consumers willing to buy from both of you because they like both products and styles. When both join together, you are fusing styles and creating something fresh and brand new that your target consumers haven't seen yet. This gets your group of buyers to become fans of your competitor and vice versa. You are both gaining each other’s full clientele, which means more consumers for the both of you.
Together, you can improve upon services or weak areas. You can better use your resources and save finances. You also share knowledge, practice, and information you may have not otherwise acquired. Together, you have a louder voice and bigger impact. You have mutual support, and at the end of the day, you will be growing not only as a designer or brand, but as a person. Collaboration is a way to better fit your consumer’s demands. Take for example the 2010 collaboration between Lanvin and H&M. The designer brought H&M to new heights of glamour and luxury. Before that, H&M hadn’t put out such fanciful, extravagant pieces let alone reached that point through any of its past collaborations.

Another powerful merge began in 2010 and is still going strong today. This collabo is Christian Siriano for Payless. The Project Runway winner’s vision brought new life to a staggering brand, and gained the designer wide-spread recognition.

Competition may seem like it benefits your company more directly, but by competing you are singling yourself and your target consumer out. Instead, you can appeal to a greater audience and gain business alliances with those who wouldn't otherwise benefit your company. By influencing each other, you have a leg up on other companies. When you stretch your skills and venture into someone else’s territory, you’re adding a new element to your style. You’re growing as a brand and as a designer. You’re sharing your skills with someone else, and also the world. That, after all, is what collaboration is all about.

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By Leslie DiCarlo