I got the opportunity to meet with designer Mallory Curlee after I discovered her luxury bikini line by browsing through the official website of Austin Fashion Week. I learned that Mallory was actually one of the three Austin Fashion Fund winners at AFW last year. Her laidback, hippie boho chic vibes lit up the runway and stole the show. Since Fashion X Austin in 2014, Curlee Bikini has only continued to grow, and after hearing Mallory’s story, I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon!

When I asked Mallory what inspired her to design swimwear in the first place, she told me, “I swam and surfed competitively since I was eight years old. I have worn a lot of swimwear, and that’s where the idea came from. This swimwear line is also sustainable and eco-friendly. I started the line in 2009 and started selling in 2010. I had amazing swimsuits that I found in Costa Rica that I couldn’t find in the U.S. so I wanted to remake them.”

Mallory had always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and she put that plan into action by studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, also famously known as FIDM. “I was out of school for two to three years before I started Curlee Bikini. Swimwear made sense for my style and how much I love it.”

I am absolutely impressed with the fact that Curlee Bikini prides itself on being an eco-friendly line that meets high fashion luxury. Along with the many other assets that Mallory’s line offers, she also makes sure that every swimsuit piece is made by hand.

My goals for Curlee Bikini have evolved every year. Right now I do everything myself: design, pattern, cut and sew. I will never take the handmade portion out of the business - that is what makes Curlee Bikini the luxury swimwear line that it is! I never want to use a big box manufacturer.
— Mallory Curlee

I am sure that Curlee Bikini customers everywhere - current and prospective - are especially loyal to the brand for that very reason.

Most of Curlee Bikini merchandise can be found and purchased online. However, there is an adorable small boutique on South Lamar located in downtown Austin named STILL&SEA that focuses on selling swimwear, where a small quantity of Mallory’s line can be found in store. Mallory has also sold to stores in the U.K., allowing Curlee Bikini to go worldwide. “Being based online, it has helped Curlee Bikini to go international.”


My expectations for Mallory’s eco-friendly luxury swimwear line are incredibly high. I have no doubt that her line will continue to prosper in the high fashion industry. Every piece is so unique and I am so excited to see what Mallory puts together next! I will make sure to choose a few pieces so that I can be the best dressed on the coast this spring break, and I advise all ladies to do the same! 

Curlee Bikini Swimwear can be found and purchased on here and you can keep up with Mallory’s fashion events, shows, and new designs on her Facebook. Thanks for going behind the label with me, now lets help Curlee Bikini take over this spring!


By Brooke Decker

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