I meet Elena at a spot of her choosing, The Public House. It’s a very posh hotel with marble floors, a valet, and an entrance room full of chandeliers. There are high ceilings with white couches surrounding cocktail tables, silver, glass, and walls made of dark wood. We meet and make our way to a more private spot, near a fireplace in the next room.


This meeting spot is perfect because it encompasses Elena Bobysheva and her brand perfectly. Class, style, and edginess embody her pieces, while modern trends seem to make their presence known. Her work says that sophistication can be young and sexy, as well as refined and tasteful.

Her main clients are women who appreciate fashion and quality; who enjoy dressing up but are also conscious consumers. All of her work is environmentally-friendly and ethically made, never using leather or fur. She is a pioneer in the fashion industry when it comes to conserving natural resources. She is mindful and responsible about where her fabrics originate from and even how they are disposed of. She believes in the quality of a healthy planet and her brand is a testament to that.

When women wear her clothing, she wants them to feel empowered, authoritative, put-together and never self-conscious. She believes that fashion should be effortless because women are typically dealing with bigger issues. Her pieces include fashion-forward silhouettes and she describes her style as modern, minimal, geometrical, and asymmetrical. Her Spring 2015 collection was a culmination of all her past seasons of work, revisiting the DNA of the brand. With reinvented shapes and design details from the past three collections, Spring 2015 is emerging as a more grown-up version with references to the brand’s roots.Like other emerging designers, Elena runs her operation independently. Thankfully, she studied both fashion design and business in college. Her typical design process starts with an idea, such as a story she may have created or shapes that interest her. Next is the fabric selection, where she pays special attention to how the fabric affects each item’s silhouette. She sketches on paper, graduates to full illustrations, creates patterns, then sews into muslins, which are trial pieces.


 Next, she fits it on a model, makes alterations, fits it again, and then finally goes to production. From there, the item is photographed and added to a look book. This way it is shared online or at a fashion show. Then pieces are chosen for buyers and sold in stores and online.

Elena has lived in Germany and she studied in Florence, Italy. These global influences, along with her Russian origin, have molded and shaped her into a very well-rounded designer with an advanced eye for style and taste. Outside of personal experiences, she’s found inspiration from Victoria Beckham and admires Stella McCartney’s business practices. As a child she was enthralled in the arts and high-end fashion (mostly foreign). Hypnotized by magazines and New York fashion week, she’s had a vision and purpose since a young age. This December, she launched an online store that features her Spring collection for 2015. You can also find her pieces at Mira Couture, a boutique here in Chicago.

At the end of the day, Elena seems to want to empower women, her consumers, and the planet. She believes, as do her clients, that it is equally important that an item be made ethically as it is to be made beautifully.

Check Elena out online, on instagram, facebook or twitter.

By Leslie DiCarlo